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Architecture stems from the need for function. Throughout history structures have been built with a purpose; shelters to protect us from the elements, places to worship, places to conduct business, places for education and gathering for entertainment. During these times of creating structures for functional purposes, Architects also had a desire to be expressive and fuse the arts with functional needs. Hence the phrase was born, Form Follows Function. Once an Architect understands the functional need of a project, then the fun begins with bringing a project to life with artistic expressive aesthetics. The creativity on a project is not just defined by form and function. Architects have always combined the knowledge of sustainability and the natural environment. Architects for centuries have designed their spaces and buildings to embrace what is naturally given to us from the Father. Architects have designed to embrace the warmth of the sun in the winter, angle buildings to capture natural light without taking on the direct heat gain from the sun, created open spaces to capture the winds for cooling and collect water for multiple uses on a site. While Architects love to be creative, we must not forget the importance of the functional need of a client. If we create only one or the other, then we have failed in our obligation to be true Architects. Only when we have blended the two carefully together, does the true harmony and purity of architecture shine.

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